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Mercure Szczyrk Resort

01/02/2024 12:00

Mercure Szczyrk Resort

In the summer of 2024, one of the highest hotels in Poland will be opened, for which we have provided comprehensive fire protection services, which we are really very proud of. The scope of our work included truly impressive fire protection issues. The scope of fire protection included services such as:

- construction of a steel structure casing up to the REI fire resistance class.
- construction of self-supporting channels EIS 120.
- execution of fire protection showers for steel structures.
- spraying of fire-resistant ceilings, increasing fire resistance.
- execution of fire expansion joints.
- construction of fire passages.
- fire protection of shafts.
- construction of fire protection casing for cable routes.
- casing for installation shafts up to fire resistance class EI 120.
- painting steel structures with intumescent paint up to the fire resistance class.

The work took 2 years and was completed with great success, ahead of time.

Some information about the investment:
Mercure Szczyrk Resort is the longest facility of this type in our country. The investment consisted in the reconstruction of the "Orle Gniazdo" Congress and Recreation Center built in the 1970s. Mercure Szczyrk Resort was built as part of the reconstruction of the local Orle Gniazdo Congress and Recreation Center, which was put into use in the late 1970s. Mercure Szczyrk Resort is one of the highest located facilities in the country (660 m above sea level) and the largest multi-functional hotel in the capital of the Polish mountains.

Here are the basic data of Mercure Szczyrk Resort:
• 35,000 square meters of total area.
• 447 hotel rooms.