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We make self-supporting smoke exhaust ducts and ventilation in Promat technology (Promaduct L-500 EIS 60, EIS 120) in metro stations, stadiums, shopping malls and other large surface buildings.


  • self-supporting wires made of fireproof boards with a thickness of 30-50mm achieve the fire resistance class EIS 60, EIS 120;
  • it can be used at high working pressures;
  • the possibility of securing steel sheet canals;
  • high tightness - low pressure losses;
  • maintaining constant cross-section dimensions in fire conditions;
  • the largest permissible cable cross-sections on the Polish market.

Fire protection of steel ventilation and air conditioning ducts - Conlit PLUS EIS 60, EIS 120 system.


  • ventilation and air-conditioning ducts secured with a 60mm thick Conlit Plus system achieve the fire resistance class EIS 60, EIS 120;
  • high tightness - low pressure losses;
  • the possibility of four-and two-sided housing;
  • low weight of the housing.


  • High mechanical strength;
  • Impact and shock proof;
  • Resistant to water and frost, suited for outdoor use;
  • Good chemical resistance;
  • Large size and thin boards;
  • Load-bearing;
  • Non-combustible;
  • Non-scratch surface;

Fire protection of steel structures up to R 30, R 60 and R 120.

The protection of steel structures can be divided into three types:


  • protection of steel structure by painting with water-based paint, for example: Promapaint S. We can protect fire-proof elements of steel structures and steel zinc structures with open and closed profiles, used inside and outside objects, in environments with corrosive aggressiveness from C1 to C5- M. Fire resistance class of protection R 15, R 30, R 60;
  • protection of the steel structure through a plate casing of posts and steel beams. In principle, for this purpose we use cladding from Promatect-L, Promatect-H and the Conlit 150 system. The advantage of using a panel housing is to achieve the highest fire resistance class R 240, there is also the possibility of using lower fire resistance classes such as R 15, R 30, R 60 , R 120;
  • protection of steel structure through the use of spray masses, such as: Dossolan 2000s. Fire resistance class of protection R 15, R 30, R 60, R 120, R 240.

Fire protection of wooden structures up to REI 30, REI 60, REI 120.

Wooden constructions can be protected by painting for flammability in some cases to NRO (fire-retardant). Securing wooden supporting structure for R 15, R 30, R 60, R 120 and ceilings on wooden beams up to REI 30, REI 60 and REI 120 is possible with Promat Top, Promaxon Type A or Promatect


  • high aesthetics of finishing;
  • quick and easy assembly.

Execution of holes and inspection hatches and their protection for fire resistance EI 60, EI 120.


  • possibility of making access hatches in massive, light walls, ceilings and suspended ceilings;
  • complete assembly equipment;

Fire protection of reinforced concrete elements for fire resistance REI 30, REI 60, REI 120, REI 240.

We provide fire protection of elements and reinforced concrete structure in the technology of Fire Pro Conlit 150 and Promatect-H. The thickness of the cladding from fire protection panels depends on the existing thickness of the concrete cover (or lack thereof).

Execution of light partition walls and casing of installation shafts for EI 30, EI 60, EI 120 can also be obtained with class R.


  • small wall thicknesses;
  • good sound insulation;
  • possibility of mounting inspection hatches;
  • high aesthetics of finishing.

Fire-resistant glass EI 15, EI 30, EI 60, EI 120

We also make fireproof glazing from Promaglas systems which is a complex, multi-layer special fireproof glass. Layers of gel between the glass panes producing at high temperature.


  • walls all glass with vertical or horizontal silicone joints;
  • construction in steel or wooden frames;
  • Maximum transparency due to thin profiles and large glass dimensions;
  • fireproof doors with very narrow steel profiles.

Protection of roofs and ceilings made of trapezoidal sheet to EI 30, EI 60, EI 120 can also be obtained in class R.

The protection technology is based on Promatect-H boards, Promaxon type A from Promat Top.


  • direct or suspended claddings;
  • small thickness and weight of fire protection boards;
  • any roof covering construction;
  • freedom of surface finishing;

Fire protection of joints and dilatation for fire resistance EI 60, EI 120, EI 240.

We are able to protect each dilatation in accordance with the fire protection conditions of the facility. We use many leading manufacturers such as Hilti, Promat Top, Rockwool. We have a wide offer for dilation protection.


  • the possibility of sealing expansion joints in massive and light barriers fire protection of expansion joints;
  • the possibility of using slot elements;
  • the possibility of securing dilatation on one side only;
  • fire protection of expansion joints;
  • the possibility of securing dilatation between the wall and the roof made of trapezoidal sheet.

Fire protection for the passage of installation pipes, cable penetrations and combined passes to EI 60, EI 120, EI 240

Our company, when securing all kinds of installation passes, uses many leading companies producing fire protection protections such as: PROMAT TOP, ROCKWOOL, HILTI, NICZUK, WALRAVEN. These protections are made in various fire resistance classes depending on the fire resistance class of the building. We have a wide offer for protection of installation transitions. The implementation of fire transitions is characterized by several fundamental issues:


  • a wide possibility of making protection using masses, fireproof mortars and mineral wool
  • the possibility of securing all types of installations in one pass (combined transitions);
  • small thickness of the installation transition.

Fire protection of electric cables and wires;


  • design of cable ducts to protect electrical installations;
  • possibility of ensuring continuous supply of energy and signal for 120 minutes;
  • quick montage;
  • light construction, low weight;

Fire spraying systems from REI 30 to REI 240


  • steel, reinforced concrete and prestressed structures;
  • constructions made of trapezoidal sheet metal;
  • thermal and acoustic;